Online fabric catalog - now live!

Hey pals - click here to view my online fabric swatches. Each colour family has it's own batch of numbers to make choosing your next custom order easy as pie.

While stitching has been plentiful, so's my day job!  As we enter our busy season, I find myself testing how painfully accurate my crunchy little hands can really type (...which is 90wpm, but who's counting?)

Come say hey on Instagram and pay the Etsy shop some love, will ya?

PS: Enjoy 15% off all Etsy orders until July 30th by using coupon code SWATCH15. Not bad!

stitch classy, talk nasty.

It's maybe not so great rebranding at 9:30pm but, dang, does it look alright.

I've cleaned up everything, down to the font, and with great heartache, forced my crumpled+ scanned kraft paper, into a well-deserved retirement.

Not to worry, real swanky will forever stitch you what you need for when you need it, there's just more mint green. And you can never have too much of that.

As a thank-you for your rad support over the years, I'm offering up code NEW10 at checkout, for 10% off all orders $30+ 'til Wednesday!

thanks thanks thanks.

blog feature: kami goertz // marathon1981

nasty little side-eyes, grabby hands, and SO much upcycled vintage floral upholstery fabric - all this combined surely makes my knees knock. I'm both fascinated, charmingly clammy, and completely in love with Kami Goertz's creatures.

Kami of marathon1981 has been crafting up a storm since before I got an epi-pen. A sea of rad creatures greet you at every pop up, craft show, and open studio night Kami may be found at, where she creates a clever little world awe and amusement. I've been lucky enough to work on my hand sewing in Kami's studio while she painstakingly prods a needle the size of my pinky-finger through vintage materials (all lovingly scored at one thrift shop/clothing swap/deadstock bolt or another) to add horns, sleepy eyes or other accent pieces to her one-of-a-kind makes.

Without a doubt, this lady consistently floors me with her creations, and her ability to effortlessly think-sketch-snip-sew is nothing short of admirable. Take a gander at her website, below, will you?

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blog feature: heidi // heidi and seek boutique

Many moons ago, I started up my Etsy shop to create handmade clothing from vintage/salvaged materials. While I learned over some while that hand embroidery was wahaaay more for me, I'll at times miss spending hours on a custom "something for someone from somewhere". Luckily I still get to do this with needlepoint. 

In the wonderful world of clothing + fashion, I get to admire and live vicariously through my close pal, Heidi Friesen, of Heidi and Seek Boutique.I know Heidi through the handmade community and am super pleased to call her a solid friend and penpal.

A rad little lady with that Mennonite streak of DIY, Heidi spends hours in her (enviable) sewing room, creating pieces from scratch that will wear well for eons.

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blog feature: stacey bowers // bangupbetty

Here's a damn fine example of someone with a heart of gold, who won't take your shit. Though I've only known Stacey Bowers of Bang Up Betty for a few years, she's without a doubt one of my favourite human people that I'm beyond pleased to call a homie.

Generous (as FUCK), Stacey so very often contributes sizable portions of her sales to causes that are near and dear to her heart, always with full transparency and a fistful of delight.

Named after America's, nay, history's most crucial feline, Stacey hand stamps every necklace at her joint in Little Rock, Arksansas, USA. Totes, enamel pins and rad threads can also be spotted on Stacey's clean-cut website.

With pieces like this, you'd be a straight fool not to holler at this little lady, no?

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