Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A note on product photography.

I've certainly been slacking over here, for all sorts of good reasons. Though, seeing the date of my last published blog post made me go oooph. Photography is a major topic, surely, so maybe I'll start off with a few neat tips on product photography.

If you make wee items, as in items about the size of a Shiatsu or smaller, I very definitely suggest making (or shelling out the cash) for a photo light box. This is essentially a square, white tent that can set you back way too much money if yer not shopping at the right places. I picked up a GREAT light box from DealXtreme. The name of the website alone is a wet dream for those frugal folk that create.

Folding Photo Studio Lambency Box w/ 4 Background Cloth
Product info here

The box is collapsible and of good quality. Be mindful if you head out to photography shoppes, these little darlins could be as much as $200. DX charges $22, with free Shipping.

You can grab some lights, those with the adjustable goose-necks, or use natural lighting. Natural lighting is my jam. It's free (for now), and it's heaps more evenly displaced than your everyday lighting devices.

Maybe you're feeling adventurous. You can also whip up your own light box. It's not too hard, but it's not too collapsible. I followed this tutorial to get me going my first time 'round - I used parchment paper for the window bits.

Some of us don't have the steadiest of hands, now. And shooting the same thing bent over on your dirty kitchen table gets a bit drab. You begin to perspire and you just want to go home already. You realize you are home, and you become extremely judgmental of your shitty kitchen wall colour, and go a bit mad - there's too much wood paneling everywhere (or not enough). If you want to avoid these damning feels, invest $10-$20 in a mini tripod. One decent birthday (it was a B-), I received a Dynex mini tripod. Someone clearly had an $11-bill burning a hole in their pocket.

Dynex Mini Tripod (DX-DA101381)
Product info here

Set up is easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 

Product photography is important! A crisp white background is always nice. You don't need anything fancy - in fact, I use $0.50 poster-board from Dollarama. It's cheap, easy to replace, you can't go wrong 'ere. 

Now that you have a nice little set up, you will very likely need to move onto the photo editing. I use Photoshop. I like to crop, whiten my whites, and deepen my darks. Photoshop will cost you an arm and a leg if you purchase the program in store. It sucks, bad. That's not to say there's not good (enough) free options though. Here's a few programs and sites to check out:

Check your local community events for photography workshops. Some are free, some run off your donations or will charge a small fee. I'd avoid those classes that charge ya up the arse, maybe I listen to too much Crass though.

That's about the basics for getting started on rad product shots. Though my final tip is this: be certain your actual products are well made and easy on the eyes. If your items that are handmade, vintage, or supplies aren't swell, your photos won't be swell. You wouldn't want to end up on Regretsy (RIP).

Saturday, November 2, 2013

C4 and MM

 I went double-duty yesterday and attended both C4 - Central Canadian Comic Con and Frame's November Maker's Market with camera in hand. I got to hang with some folks from WEST and meet some neat vendors.

Upon entering C4, I found my first conversation going as follows,
Me: Oh, uh, heh, yeah, ha..ha..
Me: nnnggghhh..
From there, I casually faded into a crowd of comic books, not enough NES games, and awkwardly heated debates. 

I have no qualms admitting some of the costumes went right over my head, I'm certain some people just stayed in their last minute Halloween costumes that not even they could properly identify. But hey, what do I know, I'm just the ultimate goth girl. Some of that maddening confusion quickly left me as I saw a dude dressed as Kenny Powers. I never thought Kenny Powers could console an aching mind, but there ya go.

From there, I ran into..

who quickly turned the tables on me!

and her neat wares.

C4 is running until Sunday evening! Be sure to check out the two floors containing a few hundred vendors!

On to the Maker's & Market --

I spent my life savings with
Milenna / justthegoods
Her 100% plant based hair and skin care products are. amazing.
What didn't I pick up, eeesh! Her lemon and coriander moisturizer is the cat's ass, might I add.

Kami / marathon1981

Deb and Andee / Andorah's Feast
filling me up with their rad treats, as always.
Those lemon macaswoons... I can't even.

Kat / aeliosdesign

All in all, a rad couple of events. As with any ultimate goth girl, I'm off to listen to Thou, have a super quick seance, and attempt to thrift a severed goat's head.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hot to Shop + Tiny Feast

With camera in hand, I headed down to Hot to Shop, down Carlton this afternoon. There were a heap of rad WESTies doing their thing in a friendly, quaint, well-lit atmosphere. I did a bit of selfish shopping too, oh, I did. On to the photographs..

Kat / aeliosdesign

Anita / anitarex

The newly hitched LuxberryTea duo!

Lesie / bluestarstudios

A demo by CloverLeafFibreArt!

Andee (sewdandee) and Deb (hoshiidesigns), at their Adorah's Feast table!

Hot to Shop is on from 10-4 today, with Free Admission to boot!

I picked up Luxberry Tea's PUMPKIN PIE rooibos tea!
Oh my word, this is the stuff dreams are made of, honest.

Not pictured, more of Andorah's macaswoons.
I definitely was chowin' down on the bus ride home. No regrets.

And, finally.. I headed to Tiny Feast in the Exchange! I'm so stoked they're finally open. I picked up a cute turquoise pen and stopped at just that..this time. It's such a lovely store, I'll have to peer pressure myself into staying much longer next time. I got a few free pencils with my purchase and was really happy with my shopping experience. It held a relaxed, minimalist/mod atmosphere with really, the sweetest stationery and accessories I ever did see locally. I'll definitely be back. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

!! big deals

Oh my guhness, my local handmade & vintage team - WEST - made it into the latest newsletter. Put out by ETSY. This is a mega deal folks! See it at http://etsy.me/18gR75W !

How did you like our sale? Give us your feedback here! We strive to not only make our events happen often, but to be unique, fun, and interactive with those that shop WEST.

Want more WEST? Be sure to "like" our Facebook page here to see what's happening. Following us on Instagram Twitter, wouldn't hurt either!

Super proud of this rad team - lots more events are in the works too! So, like, take that social phobia.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sale IV shindig

Holy shit, how fun was the WEST Sale IV? It ran for five hours that flew by, and I met a heap of rad customers and fresh faced WESTies.

My table was better organized this sale, and it's just going to get better next sale.

Katie of HeartfeltYarnWreaths had her cute displays as always!

TawnyBee was my neighbour again!

Teri of LaceAndPearlVintage had a lovely vintage display where I picked up a blouse and had a chat.

And then everyone crammed into the foyer for a group photo! Definitely bringing my wide angle lens next sale.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Please & thank you.

A few new pieces have made their way to the shop, including a custom order I've been asked about by several people. I'm now happy to include them in my shop staples, and even more happy to do custom colours and fabrics. 

Get it all here.

Back to more making and organizing and such for the upcoming WEST Handmade and Vintage Sale IV!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Leaving the Real Swanky house.

I'm a hermit, a total hermit, but a nice hermit. I bake, I sew, I swear, it's great. Because I missed out on last month's Makers Market, I knew I had to break out the Docs and head out to this months event. I was super looking forward to seeing  friends on the WEST team and being on the Buyer's end for once!

During the first Friday of every month, Frame Gallery puts on their Makers Market event, where folks from all over may get together to browse, buy, sell, socialize and get their snack on. Many WESTies participate in the event, and I definitely would like to next month.

Our rad team Captain, Ruth, of PeriwinkleDzyns

Cori of Cojax 

Andee of Sew Dandee

Deb of HoshiiDesigns

I also picked up some AWESOME raspberry grapefruit jam from Flora and Farmer, and BOY is it ever awesome. What a wicked flavour combo. There was also another open for sampling.. coconut-pineapple-jalapeño! There were a heap of other neat jams out but I was fixed on the raspberry grapefruit and bought three jars, whoops. It was tasty as fuck but I took the ulcers into consideration this round. Did I just down half a (MINI) jar this evening? Yep. I sure did. Free samples are offered on locally made bread, as well as a vegan & gluten free cracker. This girl knows her stuff, alright, I'm pumped on this stuff! I had it on French bread with vegan butter like a proper Mennonite-ish gal.

It's nearly ten, I'm full of French bread and jam, and I'm off to bed as I will be up bright and early tomorrow to work on a top secret colab project. x