Tacos, crafting, headaches.

It's been a real long week. I've learned a lot about UPS and their sucking capabilities, I've fallen even harder in love with Canada Post and USPS, and I've finally blogged about my favourite fish tacos.

I've been keeping busy with apparent UPS headaches, positive immigration news, and helping organize the next WEST event! Check out the event info HERE and RSVP, will you?

About time.

As January wraps up, a good lot has taken place since the New Year was rung in with sorta-bells and kinda-whistles.

My relatives from Anola have been popping in more to say hello and we've done the same best we can. It's nice to have people related to you that you can actually, well, relate with.

With recent additions to my tight list of loved ones, it was also time to abruptly part ways with some pernicious acquaintances and a fistful of those that share the same genetic make-up as myself. I'm teaching myself to mind only those that matter. Instances within stressful environments are quickly entering one ear and slowly going out the other, I try my best to pick up the pace in this regard.

Really, when shitty things happen? It's just a person. It's just a coworker. It's just a house. It's just a last name. It's just money. It's just another day. Tomorrow's a fresh start if today is blowing goats (I have proof).

Bill and I have been taking advantage of our freedom and exercising the social kernel in our brains. We've had really rad new/existing pals over and I'm quickly learning socializing isn't so scary and hard when the right people are involved.

We've had int'l hot dog nights and taco nights galore. Tonight was peanut curry (massaman!) and I think I had Sukothai on the brain when creating this dish. I stuck the recipe up here should you be interested!

Next Thursday we're having summore folks over to shoot the shit with and I couldn't be more stoked. With plans of a WEST Spring sale containing handmade + vintage, I have my work cut out for me in the coming weeks/months! 

What have you been doing to keep your head on straight these days?

2016 - a real banger.

Greetings and happy 2016? More mail days took place within the last week or so and I've been eager to get going on a whole lot. Word on the street is 2015 sucked for A LOT of people, hey?
  • return mail to my pen pals
  • Etsy orders
  • fan mail to my favourite companies / shops
In an attempt to write (even) more lettermail to my friends near and far, I've also been making up my Etsy parcels extra-purdy with additional add-ins and my new business cards from VistaPrint.ca! Excitingly, my great big vinyl banner as well.

..It perhaps took a few tries on the senders part, but I couldn't be happier and am super stoked to hang these up at handmade sales in the very near future.

January's started off on a strange kick but I've quickly corrected that with a bucket of homemade perogies, with seitan in the oven right now.

Tomorrow's the day I buy myself a brush pen to better address my envelopes to pals. It's been a real long while but my shaky hands are full of piss and vinegar.

Low-key Christmas success.

What with a super low-key Christmas and beyond long weekend (that's still in full effect), I've been in good spirits and somehow better mail-days. 

My out-of-town family stopped in on the 25th and gave, without a doubt, some of the most thoughtful gifts imaginable that I can't wait to utilize on the double.

Boxing Day wasn't nearly as disastrous as I remembered it being when I was a retail-employee in my teens and extra early 20's -- people were actually quite calm and happy this weekend, and isn't that the true meaning of Boxing Day?

Aside from watching a man wrongfully snake a handicap spot and immediately fall on the ice after getting out of his Hatchback, I picked up mustard cardigan #3 and plan to take the plunge in which I phase out the aforementioned first two of this variety. Like any true Winnipegger, I waited something like 4 months to see such a wear go on clearance. 

You better believe I made vegan-friendly Philly cheesesteaks with my painfully cheap + brand new saute pan, today.

With stitching supplies aplenty, and every single She & Him album in existence thanks to Bill + Ryan, it's safe to say I'll be ringing in the New Years full of piss and vinegar. And cheesesteaks.

(another) vistaprint order

Another garbage week of snow, ice, frostbitten groceries and unnecessarily distraught neighbours graced me once more. Good thing mail week treated me more than well this round. While I have a banner well on it's way that I'm looking forward to, I got a big old box of newly designed business cards that I've over the moon about.

I think I've ordered from Vista Print at least six time in the last few years. I've reordered business cards 4x (2000 cards, kinda thing) and am more and more happy with the outcome each time. I highly recommend!

Pictured: Business cards fresh from VistaPrint.ca -- 500 business cards for $9.99. Use code TV500 at checkout.