Hot to Shop + Tiny Feast

With camera in hand, I headed down to Hot to Shop, down Carlton this afternoon. There were a heap of rad WESTies doing their thing in a friendly, quaint, well-lit atmosphere. I did a bit of selfish shopping too, oh, I did. On to the photographs..

Kat / aeliosdesign

Anita / anitarex

The newly hitched LuxberryTea duo!

Lesie / bluestarstudios

A demo by CloverLeafFibreArt!

Andee (sewdandee) and Deb (hoshiidesigns), at their Adorah's Feast table!

Hot to Shop is on from 10-4 today, with Free Admission to boot!

I picked up Luxberry Tea's PUMPKIN PIE rooibos tea!
Oh my word, this is the stuff dreams are made of, honest.

Not pictured, more of Andorah's macaswoons.
I definitely was chowin' down on the bus ride home. No regrets.

And, finally.. I headed to Tiny Feast in the Exchange! I'm so stoked they're finally open. I picked up a cute turquoise pen and stopped at just that..this time. It's such a lovely store, I'll have to peer pressure myself into staying much longer next time. I got a few free pencils with my purchase and was really happy with my shopping experience. It held a relaxed, minimalist/mod atmosphere with really, the sweetest stationery and accessories I ever did see locally. I'll definitely be back.