Hot to Shop + Tiny Feast

With camera in hand, I headed down to Hot to Shop, down Carlton this afternoon. There were a heap of rad WESTies doing their thing in a friendly, quaint, well-lit atmosphere. I did a bit of selfish shopping too, oh, I did. On to the photographs..

Kat / aeliosdesign

Anita / anitarex

The newly hitched LuxberryTea duo!

Lesie / bluestarstudios

A demo by CloverLeafFibreArt!

Andee (sewdandee) and Deb (hoshiidesigns), at their Adorah's Feast table!

Hot to Shop is on from 10-4 today, with Free Admission to boot!

I picked up Luxberry Tea's PUMPKIN PIE rooibos tea!
Oh my word, this is the stuff dreams are made of, honest.

Not pictured, more of Andorah's macaswoons.
I definitely was chowin' down on the bus ride home. No regrets.

And, finally.. I headed to Tiny Feast in the Exchange! I'm so stoked they're finally open. I picked up a cute turquoise pen and stopped at just that..this time. It's such a lovely store, I'll have to peer pressure myself into staying much longer next time. I got a few free pencils with my purchase and was really happy with my shopping experience. It held a relaxed, minimalist/mod atmosphere with really, the sweetest stationery and accessories I ever did see locally. I'll definitely be back. 


  1. Fantastic post as always I will be checking out Luxberry Tea's for gifts this year for sure!! I will try and make it down to tiny feast one of these days hopefully sooner than later.

    1. Thanks, Daphne! Luxberry floored me with their massive selection of teas, and their menus with sampling jars were were super cute. It was hard to make a decision, haha.


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