C4 and MM

 I went double-duty yesterday and attended both C4 - Central Canadian Comic Con and Frame's November Maker's Market with camera in hand. I got to hang with some folks from WEST and meet some neat vendors.

Upon entering C4, I found my first conversation going as follows,
Me: Oh, uh, heh, yeah, ha..ha..
Me: nnnggghhh..
From there, I casually faded into a crowd of comic books, not enough NES games, and awkwardly heated debates. 

I have no qualms admitting some of the costumes went right over my head, I'm certain some people just stayed in their last minute Halloween costumes that not even they could properly identify. But hey, what do I know, I'm just the ultimate goth girl. Some of that maddening confusion quickly left me as I saw a dude dressed as Kenny Powers. I never thought Kenny Powers could console an aching mind, but there ya go.

From there, I ran into..

who quickly turned the tables on me!

and her neat wares.

C4 is running until Sunday evening! Be sure to check out the two floors containing a few hundred vendors!

On to the Maker's & Market --

I spent my life savings with
Milenna / justthegoods
Her 100% plant based hair and skin care products are. amazing.
What didn't I pick up, eeesh! Her lemon and coriander moisturizer is the cat's ass, might I add.

Kami / marathon1981

Deb and Andee / Andorah's Feast
filling me up with their rad treats, as always.
Those lemon macaswoons... I can't even.

Kat / aeliosdesign

All in all, a rad couple of events. As with any ultimate goth girl, I'm off to listen to Thou, have a super quick seance, and attempt to thrift a severed goat's head.