Anatomy series..

I miss college for but a few reasons. My graphic-to-some medical textbook was cool as hell and I read it front to back more times over than I could count.

 Aside from Infection Control & WHMIS, Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 were my favourite courses. I learned about every part of the body, inside (waaay deep inside) to outside, and thought it was cool as hell that this heaping mass of blood, guts, and so on, can survive for 70+ years fairly independently. No outlet to plug yourself into (in most cases), no battery packs ("...yet", screams every Illuminati fangirl in the room), none of that. Just Maslow's hierarchy of needs to get you sorted out.

I'm working on an anatomically correct series including more internal organs, and will stitch up some musculoskeletal system & integumentary system bits and pieces as well. 

Because while I do not condone doing coke in the bathroom, and while I do love some fresh rhymes, I find it quintessential to put some guts up in my Etsy shop.

Grab this piece here.

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