Low-key Christmas success.

What with a super low-key Christmas and beyond long weekend (that's still in full effect), I've been in good spirits and somehow better mail-days. 

My out-of-town family stopped in on the 25th and gave, without a doubt, some of the most thoughtful gifts imaginable that I can't wait to utilize on the double.

Boxing Day wasn't nearly as disastrous as I remembered it being when I was a retail-employee in my teens and extra early 20's -- people were actually quite calm and happy this weekend, and isn't that the true meaning of Boxing Day?

Aside from watching a man wrongfully snake a handicap spot and immediately fall on the ice after getting out of his Hatchback, I picked up mustard cardigan #3 and plan to take the plunge in which I phase out the aforementioned first two of this variety. Like any true Winnipegger, I waited something like 4 months to see such a wear go on clearance. 

You better believe I made vegan-friendly Philly cheesesteaks with my painfully cheap + brand new saute pan, today.

With stitching supplies aplenty, and every single She & Him album in existence thanks to Bill + Ryan, it's safe to say I'll be ringing in the New Years full of piss and vinegar. And cheesesteaks.

(another) vistaprint order

Another garbage week of snow, ice, frostbitten groceries and unnecessarily distraught neighbours graced me once more. Good thing mail week treated me more than well this round. While I have a banner well on it's way that I'm looking forward to, I got a big old box of newly designed business cards that I've over the moon about.

I think I've ordered from Vista Print at least six time in the last few years. I've reordered business cards 4x (2000 cards, kinda thing) and am more and more happy with the outcome each time. I highly recommend!

Pictured: Business cards fresh from VistaPrint.ca -- 500 business cards for $9.99. Use code TV500 at checkout.

A parcel HOPEFULLY from Drew Carey.

Winter's really kicked Winnipeg right in the kisser. I can now legitimize staying in and doing my usual poppycock bullshit - solid! 

A huge huge HUGE order arrived at my doorstep not long ago. Over a hundred hoops and all the washi tape a lady could dream of, with love, from Ohio. I have my designs ready, and my wrists are already aching with some type of awful foreshadowing. 

Back + in action.

From what seems like a major drop off the face of the globe, I'm back and stoked as hell to be blogging once more.

A drab, "make due with what you have" blog template successfully deterred me from posting as much as I hoped to. Luckily, it was when I made the very simple connection: Etsy digital downloads + needing a downloadable Blogger template = more than doable in 2015. I am oh-so happy to know Etsy shops like this exist! Pumped as sin, I'll be dropping in a healthful amount from here on in.

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