Low-key Christmas success.

What with a super low-key Christmas and beyond long weekend (that's still in full effect), I've been in good spirits and somehow better mail-days. 

My out-of-town family stopped in on the 25th and gave, without a doubt, some of the most thoughtful gifts imaginable that I can't wait to utilize on the double.

Boxing Day wasn't nearly as disastrous as I remembered it being when I was a retail-employee in my teens and extra early 20's -- people were actually quite calm and happy this weekend, and isn't that the true meaning of Boxing Day?

Aside from watching a man wrongfully snake a handicap spot and immediately fall on the ice after getting out of his Hatchback, I picked up mustard cardigan #3 and plan to take the plunge in which I phase out the aforementioned first two of this variety. Like any true Winnipegger, I waited something like 4 months to see such a wear go on clearance. 

You better believe I made vegan-friendly Philly cheesesteaks with my painfully cheap + brand new saute pan, today.

With stitching supplies aplenty, and every single She & Him album in existence thanks to Bill + Ryan, it's safe to say I'll be ringing in the New Years full of piss and vinegar. And cheesesteaks.

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