2016 - a real banger.

Greetings and happy 2016? More mail days took place within the last week or so and I've been eager to get going on a whole lot. Word on the street is 2015 sucked for A LOT of people, hey?
  • return mail to my pen pals
  • Etsy orders
  • fan mail to my favourite companies / shops
In an attempt to write (even) more lettermail to my friends near and far, I've also been making up my Etsy parcels extra-purdy with additional add-ins and my new business cards from VistaPrint.ca! Excitingly, my great big vinyl banner as well.

..It perhaps took a few tries on the senders part, but I couldn't be happier and am super stoked to hang these up at handmade sales in the very near future.

January's started off on a strange kick but I've quickly corrected that with a bucket of homemade perogies, with seitan in the oven right now.

Tomorrow's the day I buy myself a brush pen to better address my envelopes to pals. It's been a real long while but my shaky hands are full of piss and vinegar.

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