About time.

As January wraps up, a good lot has taken place since the New Year was rung in with sorta-bells and kinda-whistles.

My relatives from Anola have been popping in more to say hello and we've done the same best we can. It's nice to have people related to you that you can actually, well, relate with.

With recent additions to my tight list of loved ones, it was also time to abruptly part ways with some pernicious acquaintances and a fistful of those that share the same genetic make-up as myself. I'm teaching myself to mind only those that matter. Instances within stressful environments are quickly entering one ear and slowly going out the other, I try my best to pick up the pace in this regard.

Really, when shitty things happen? It's just a person. It's just a coworker. It's just a house. It's just a last name. It's just money. It's just another day. Tomorrow's a fresh start if today is blowing goats (I have proof).

Bill and I have been taking advantage of our freedom and exercising the social kernel in our brains. We've had really rad new/existing pals over and I'm quickly learning socializing isn't so scary and hard when the right people are involved.

We've had int'l hot dog nights and taco nights galore. Tonight was peanut curry (massaman!) and I think I had Sukothai on the brain when creating this dish. I stuck the recipe up here should you be interested!

Next Thursday we're having summore folks over to shoot the shit with and I couldn't be more stoked. With plans of a WEST Spring sale containing handmade + vintage, I have my work cut out for me in the coming weeks/months! 

What have you been doing to keep your head on straight these days?

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