blog feature: stacey bowers // bangupbetty

Here's a damn fine example of someone with a heart of gold, who won't take your shit. Though I've only known Stacey Bowers of Bang Up Betty for a few years, she's without a doubt one of my favourite human people that I'm beyond pleased to call a homie.

Generous (as FUCK), Stacey so very often contributes sizable portions of her sales to causes that are near and dear to her heart, always with full transparency and a fistful of delight.

Named after America's, nay, history's most crucial feline, Stacey hand stamps every necklace at her joint in Little Rock, Arksansas, USA. Totes, enamel pins and rad threads can also be spotted on Stacey's clean-cut website.

With pieces like this, you'd be a straight fool not to holler at this little lady, no?

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