Get stoked on Friday, a broken cold-snap, and those Subway coupons we all got in the mail last week. You got one. You won't use it. But really, it's a great deal.. ugh.

The new year has been peppered with thrift scores, new pals at the fabric shop and fun custom orders. An order of a couple hundred hoops arrived from a hop, skip + a jump away -- already am I putting these to good use and getting them going to good homes all over the globe.

My latest pick-up was for this strange + purdy outers space cotton with little flaws and misshapen snips here and there.

As I take a timely stitchin' break to write a little something and watch Frank + Henry tear up the joint with great excitement, I look forward to Winnipeg's warmer weather (read: -1C zone) and wearing zero fucking socks for MANY days in a row.

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