the importance of mailday.

Many of you are aware of the fact that I treat Canada Post like a second home. For those of you that aren't.. let's be penpals. 

Above, are the kinds of things I receive from some really cool people. I mean, the hand-drawn chubby bunny is a OOAK by Kami's little lady, but it was hand-delivered.

My first fond memory of mailing a little something far out, was in gradeschool when my shoddy elementary school had a penpal program. We wrote another school in Alberta back and fourth for some time, and eventually, the school came to Winnipeg to visit all our penpals. If only you could imagine a series of teacup humans full of piss n' vinegar over this one. My penpal was solid, and is now a local actress in her end of the woods. Unreal.

I typically write a letter weekly, but have been known to go on wicked spurts of 20-30 in a week to mass-holler at my favourite folks. 

When my husband lived in America, we mailed letters + parcels back and fourth from the first week of even knowing one another. He now rests peacefully with a letter from myself, with love. 

My farthest friends are in the UK + AUS, while my closest is within biking distance. We connect online, surely, and while this is terribly convenient, you just can't text someone a squeeze tube of Vegemite, or a pin promoting your small business that's been a loving work in progress for years. 

Over the last couple years, I've been mailing letters of commendation to businesses when their staff are kind and easy to work with. Businesses seem to receive shit news about unfavourable products or staff, so it's something alright, receiving a call, email or letter back thanking me for the shout out. It's so strange to me, how people are over the moon when they get a letter instead of an invoice in the mail. To me, I rarely get invoices, but more letters than anything. (I guess we shit ourselves equally). 

This wee bit of mindfulness can take a few minutes, or if you really put your all into it, an hour or something like that. People get stoked.

With stamp costs on a heartbreakingly steady rise, I keep my chin up - it's still such a dang affordable way to say hey.

When was the last time you sent or received a letter?

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