a real swanky kinda christmas.

Christmas Dinner was a banger. With all Christmas episodes of The Office fully blaring while sweets were baked, and the main meal was sorted, it's been a perfectly peaceful holiday season lacking passive aggressiveness and filled with solid snacks and stoked bunnies.

Three kinds of baking this year - not bad! Maple pecan bars, shortbread, and saskatoon nutmeg cake w/ buttercream frosting.

I posted each recipe / links to recipes I adapted here - my online food blog that I apparently love to abandon. With a few days off work 'til the new year, I'm hoping to revamp it some, and get y'all the recipes I'm forever using from the dusty corners of my noggin.

Last but not least, some crucial mail from my fav Americans. Ashley and Ryan sent along the greatest card,Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookies, just. brand dressings, and gomaxgo chocolate bars! Damn, snacks are the true meaning of Christmas. Super stoked all my pals got their Christmas greetings in the post right on time this year (Canada Post pulled some serious solids this year, really.) and am really looking forward to mailing some goods back to New York the moment this cold snap flies the coop.

new shops, new pieces, good times.

Damn. I don't understand why my brain thinks paying a small yearly fee for a blog is as good as updating one. Such is life. I am really trying to buckle down and "write" a bit more. Lettermail has always been a priority to me, and I used to blog like a motherfucker, what happened? Well, I guess way too much happened, way too often, way too intensely.

I'm pretty stoked to report a lot of new vegancentric pieces up in the shop. I've now done 4 vegan markets in the last few years, and am just pleased as punch every single time. I'm surrounded by rad people, the best snacks, talented makers are extremely cost-friendly tables. This is a recipe for a good time in my books. I've done a LOT of markets in my day, and there's times when I feel very sad, very frustrated, and very floored to see the way some events can be organized. I feel a tinge of minty green hostility in my bones when I overhear organizers speaking poorly of fellow makers, helicopter parenting grown adults, and taking me back to absolutely horrific high school days. Making a quick and friendly exit from these "communities" felt like a massive weight removed from my shoulders. Now, I can better focus on making, connecting, snickering appropriately at pizza fabric, and maybe even making a few bucks.

I've restocked at Tara Davis' boutique, with oh-so many mints and golds and bloody mean quips, just in time for the holidays. I am E X T R E M E L Y excited to announce Real Swanky hitting Osborne Village. Now featured at Out of the Blue, holy shit! Wendy's been a peach to communicate with and her staff are beyond sweet. Amazing photography of my embroidery by Rosalie Simone featured on OOTB's Insta made my knees knock.

My next market will be at The Forks! Half Moon is hosting this one, and I'm over said moon, to boot. Grab the event info here. RSVP. Tell all your pals. Tell your dog. Come read some beautifully stitched cuss words out loud - because you're a grown up, and you probably pay your taxes.