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there's all sorts, for all sorts.

ya like cussin’? self-care? plant lady.. or maybe you’re more of a plant killer. got an inside joke that’s just too good? everyone can get a piece of the pie, here. inclusivity and allyship is key! no hateful, oppression-driven pieces will be considered. (we’re better than that.)

this wee company was built off creativity and zeal.

I began sewing and upcycling at a very young age. money doesn't grow on trees, so why pay an arm & a leg for rad things, hmm? your fabric, thread, hoops and backings were sourced from yard sales, thrift shops, bolt ends, fair-trades, estate sales and small fabric shops all over the province of Manitoba. let’s use what we have! always vegan-friendly, always giving Mother Nature the low-five she deserves.

well, that's real swanky.

Caitlin, here. some kinda 33 year old, tea-sippin' dame, forever thrifting. coupon queen, lovingly helicopter parenting two strange bunnies in a wee livin’ hole. milking almonds since the 90's. 


quality work, entirely vegan/cruelty-free + darling packaging from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, with love.

handmade with love in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

reigning from the great white north in a cute little mint green home, your pieces are happily hand-stitched in real small batches. timeless techniques with a modern kick of subversiveness. not bad!

expect nothin' but quality and consistency.

while hand embroidery has been around for hundreds of years, the techniques haven’t much budged! well-made hand stitching is built to last, so you can gladly expect your pieces to arrive safe, sound and quick as a bunny from our pals at Canada Post.


adorn your walls with a piece or five, and know those stitches will last for eons! each and every piece is backed with wool-free felt, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles in Quebec, Canada. cruelty-free adhesives keep your pieces sealed up tight for years to come (don't worry, Boxer).

because you deserve something
real swanky, yeah?
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