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  • You make everything by hand? Isn't it easier to do it by machine?
    100% of my work is stitched by hand. Machine embroidery may take less time, but the result just isn't aesthetically what I'm going for! I like to hold on tight to these timeless techniques, and know they'll last happily on your walls for years to come.
  • Where are your materials from?
    Fabrics are sourced from thrift shops, yard sales, bolt ends from local fabric shops, swaps/fairly traded with fellow makers. Fabric is hand washed and ironed. Each and every piece is backed with vegan-friendly felt made from 100% recycled plastic bottles in Quebec, Canada. Adhesive is vegan friendly, meaning no gelatin.
  • Do you make custom orders?
    I sure do! Drop me a line here, and get's take care of it. ya like cussin’? self-care? plant lady.. or maybe you’re more of a plant killer. got an inside joke that’s just too good? everyone can get a piece of the pie, here. inclusivity and allyship is key! no hateful, oppression-driven pieces will ever be considered. (be better than that.)
  • Can you recreate an old piece of yours for me?
    Of course! So long as I have the fabric and embroidery floss. Because everything's so kindly sourced, it can be tricky to keep a standard inventory. Sometimes, I get a strange 1/4 yard of vintage, other times, that folded up fabric scrap was a lot more generous than let on. I have a huge array of unique, rad fabric, and would be glad to send you photos in natural daylight to see what we can come up with!
  • Can you embroider my towels, blankets, or pillows?
    Embroidering linens by hand can be pretty tricky - the key is to get an incredibly tight stitch with single line thread to ensure it's machine washable, and doesn't buckle. Hand embroidery lays best, taute, in a wooden hoop.
  • Where do you ship to?
    I ship globally! I gladly mail all orders out thanks to my pals at Canada Post.
  • Where do you ship from? How often?
    I ship from the mean streets of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - and use Canada Post located inside my local Rexall. Great buncha folks! I ship out 1-2x per week depending on our extreme climates and number of orders received that week.
  • Is there tracking?
    Tracking does not come with parcels automatically — to the USA, it is an additional fee, please choose this option at check out or message me within 24 hours so I may invoice you for tracking. Thanks! Seller cannot be held responsible by delays or costs resulting in policies or procedures within any countries customs department. any possible duty fees are applied by the country of destination, to be paid by the buyer. thank you for understanding! Read more here — Buyers abandoning parcels are not eligible for refunds. Should a rejected parcel be returned to Real Swanky, cost of shipping and duty are deducted from your refund, should refund be applicable. Abandoned parcels are just that, abandoned in your country’s depot, thus, refunds are not applicable. Please understand if you're hoping to receive an item before your holiday, and it is past the date previously mentioned, your option for shipping is EXPRESS. Express is costly, yes, but your item will likely arrive before your holiday. Cut-off for Express-shipping orders is December 9th. Local pick up was discouraged during the pandemic, now it's discouraged due to flakiness. Sucks, hey. Should a shipment return to Sender, due to buyer unclaimed mail/buyer moved/buyer rejected mail etc, it is up to the Buyer to pay for return-to-sender fees and re shipment of item. Expedited shipping is available via Canada Post — please see your shipping upgrade options at check out! **Canada Post Shipping/Delivery Guide** **How long will my parcel take to arrive? Note, postal speed may vary due to the pandemic and mail couriers taking the appropriate, required safety precautions**
  • Holiday Orders
    Please note the following deadlines for holiday shipping. Delivery after 25-Nov cannot be guaranteed to finding its new, swell home in time for the holidays. if you make a purchase after 25-Nov but require this before 23-Dec, please inbox me ASAP to discuss expedited shipping options or free pick up. Holiday mailing date schedule, via Canada Post —
  • Aw, HELL! I need my order extra speedy!
    No worries! Drop me a line and I'll quote you on quicker shipping rates via Canada Post. Quicker shipping will be an extra few bucks, but rest easy knowing you'll have tracking, and priority sorting at the sorting facility.
  • What's the Real Swanky Fan Club?
    Why, it's the greatest fan club that never existed. Pins run for two bucks and allow my bunny friends to get quality Italian flat-leaf parsley (they deserve it).
  • Do you sell at any local markets?
    I sure do! Keep an eye on my Instagram and watch my 2023 MARKETS highlight to keep up with my whereabouts. I currently do markets within Manitoba, Canada, but have my online shop open 24/7.
  • Can I copy your makes?
  • Do you sell in any stores near me?
    I sell in select boutiques across Canada and America. Drop me a message to see where you're best off visiting. Have a shop in mind that may be a good fit? YOUR shop, perhaps? Rad! Let's ~connect~, shall we?
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